Thursday 26 November 2015

Round 6 Day 6 & 7

I'm still so tired! Some of my other side effects have been stronger this time too. This is the first day I feel I can be bothered to mention other side effects, but they don't deserve a big focus.

Yesterday I did 'very little' which I'm classing as slightly better than 'almost nothing'. That's OK though, I'm willing to accept that as part of the process. 

Today I went to the final Creative Expression Workshop. It starts at 10am, and I think I did pretty well getting up and ready at that time. So well that I briefly begun to wonder if my tiredness was actually due to having no plans for the day. Its not. The tiredness has stayed with me all day. Luckily the workshop is done at a gentle pace. Today has been the first time I've stepped out of the house since Sunday.

The workshop was excellent as usual. It was a little confronting too as during the course of the morning I realized how much fear I have of the PET scan tomorrow. There is no point of feeling nervous about it, as the scan doesn't change anything. Whatever is there is already there. The scan gives us the power of knowledge. Which is a very good thing.

I've eaten very well today. I was partly motivated by the fact I have to skip breakfast tomorrow - I have to fast from midnight before my scan. The scan will take up nearly the whole morning. And I'll probably just chill in the afternoon again.