If you have a question I will add it to this FAQ page - chances are someone else has the same question. And there are no silly questions.
  • Why did I get cancer?
The short answer is:

Bad luck. Very very bad luck.

The long answer is:

I have not been doing anything that increases the risk of getting cancer. I have no genetic markers. I'm not even in the age bracket. I'm young, fit, I eat all the right foods and I've never smoked.
Everyone has cancer cells in them, and most of the time the body keeps them under control. Sometimes this system fails.
I think there must be a reason, something that caused this system failure. I think that medical science just hasn't worked out what it is yet. And they never will for me. There are other young, healthy eating, non-smokers getting cancer and being told its just bad luck. Given that there is no major investigation going on into my lifestyle, habits, toxin levels, product choices, surroundings etc., or with any of these other 'unlucky' people, I don't think anyone's going to have the answers any time soon.

Seriously, if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear it and speculate about them with you.

  • Will my hair fall out?
Probably not. It may thin a little as treatment continues. So far its fine though. By which I mean its thick.
Breast cancer treatments are much more likely to cause hair loss.

By the way, I would not care one jot if my hair did fall out. Its only hair.

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