Sunday 15 November 2015

Round 5 Day 10

My energy levels were a bit better today, but I'm tired now!

The weather has been fabulous today. In the morning Dave and I went to a Market in Dodges Ferry. It was great - a really beautiful spot and a really nice little market - I'd like to go again next time.
Lovely Dodges Ferry
In the afternoon my Mum and I went to the 2015 COSA Public Forum (Clinical Oncology of Australia). It was really interesting, with some really great speakers. It was tiring too. There was a lot of sitting. I'm suffering a little from information overload right now but I hope to process and make use of a lot of it.
It was quite motivating too - I'm getting into a bit of a routine, which is getting into a bit of a rut. If nothing else, its reminded me I really should be doing more exercise! So hopefully this is the start of me being more diligent with my home exercise programme I have.
This is from one of the presentations. If you can read this poor quality photo you will see exercising regularly is a very good idea! 
If I'm prepared to put myself through chemo I jolly well ought to be able to make myself do a few squats and sit ups regularly!
So this evening while Dave was cooking dinner I did my exercises. It didn't take long, these are exercises tailored especially for me by my expert colleagues, and it certainly feels like they are spot on for me at the moment. It gave me a sense of achievement too. Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight! (Last night was bad and I resorted to a meditation, which was another new one, and another one that I won't be using again!).

Oh and Massive Congratulations to all those who did Point to Pinnacle today! You're all Stars! But especially to by BODYSYSTEM team! xxx


  1. Thinking of you. Wish I could say something clever, funny, helpful, distracting even. Just really wanted to let you know you're on my mind. Your doing an amazing job.

    1. Thank you - and that really says it all - feeling the love :) xx