Wednesday 11 November 2015

Round 5 Day 6

Today I feel I can upgrade my status to 'like a person with a hangover'.
And I don't mean one of those awful hangovers, just a mild sort of one.
I can shuffle around the house doing little jobs as long as I have lots of rest in between. And drink lots of tea. 

I did a few little chores like loading the dishwasher, watering my plants, and some washing. I really enjoy hanging washing out on the line. The nasturtiums are looking awesome at the moment.

I found my knitting needles that I've been missing for about 6 months too - which was very exciting (they were in a box in the wardrobe, obviously).
Then I discovered I've forgotten how to knit, which I don't think I can blame chemo-brain for!

I think I'm getting pretty good at guarding myself at certain side effects, so its a surprise when then they catch me out - they are supposed to accumulate. So it turns out I still can't gulp cold drinks too fast or it will catch in my throat on day 6 this round. 

Note to my blog readers - thank you for reading! And don't worry - I don't intend to talk you through every single boring day! My idea is to take you through one round day by day, then I plan to calm down and bit and just bring you the highlights.

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