Wednesday 18 November 2015

Round 5 Day 13

A couple of cool things I saw today - Our sunflower seeds have started sprouting, and there were 2 kookaburras in our street - I've never seen one so close to home before. I hope they're moving in nearby.
I walked in to town again. I went to a guided meditation again. I don't know when I'll next do either of those things.

Straight after the meditation I went to a Cancer Council run support group for young adults with cancer. They had a guest speaker in today to talk about body image. I was a little worried that this would be along the lines of 'beauty tips for when you look ill', which I think would have just annoyed me. Instead it was more of a guided discussion then a talk, and we covered a lot of subjects in reasonable depth, and it was more things like, what is body image, why do we feel this way, what can we do about it, the perceptions and assumptions that happen. 

Straight after the support group I went to work. Straight after work I went round mums for a cup of tea. Straight after tea we picked Dave up from work and went home. 

It's felt a bit rushed today, but its also been enjoyable, my energy levels have been good, my side effects have been minimal, and the weather has been lovely.

Round 6 is really looming close now. Its like a deadline in some ways - I have to get as much done now while I'm feeling well, if it doesn't get done before this Friday it will have to wait another week.

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  1. Busy, busy, keep going seems to be your motto at the moment and it's understandable. Great job xxx