Wednesday 4 November 2015

Round 4 Day 14

The day before Round 5. The day I feel healthiest, and most stressed.

Went to the Creative Expression Workshop again today. It took me to some dark places, but also gave me some good visualizations. I pictured this whole cancer thing as a tornado, sucking me and everything I know and love up, chucking it around and dumping it. And I just have to try and hold on.

In the afternoon more appointments, and blood tests. The lady who did my blood test today was a total ninja - she had 2 vials of blood from me before I knew it.

Then more rushing around - I drove Dave to work - it was good to drive again.

Today's the day I 'launch' my blog - I'm a bit nervous about that, but glad to get it out there before round 5 starts.

I've got all my little household chores done that I like to do before each round starts, so after feeling behind for most of the week, I feel as prepared as I can now.

Its Mums birthday today so we're having a takeaway and watching a movie tonight.

My tights matched the construction site at the hospital today - I got a kick out of this.


  1. I love that outfit, the photo is great :D

    1. Thanks! I love it too!
      Photo by Dave.
      Dress is from asos originally but I got it 2nd hand.
      Tights a gift from my lovely coworker Lisa.
      Black Converse Boots - I looked everywhere for these for years and found them in Hobart.
      Amber beads - 21st Birthday prezzie - from you! xox