Saturday 7 November 2015

Round 5 Day 2

I had one of those strange nights of sleep. I have no memory or sensation that I have slept at all. But I guess I must have as surely I would have checked the time more often...

Then I sleep more normally in the morning. And the afternoon.

This was a good Saturday for me. Lots of side effects, but mostly mild. 

I got showered a dressed, so big tick there.
I can read and write OK in short bursts. I even managed another crochet square.

Mostly I've just sat or slept on the sofa today. My fit-bit report looks pretty pathetic!

I did go outside and pick a flower though! I didn't think I would manage today, but then I realized I can reach one geranium bush from halfway down the stairs. Its a great moral booster for me to at least step outside. And to do that on a chemo Saturday is very good for round 5.

Flowers from the garden. The geraniums are so easy as you don't have to remember to take secateurs - they break off neatly.

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