Friday 20 November 2015

Round 6 Day 1

So I started round 6 today. 

I'm feeling very tired, and displaying some serious 'Chemo Brain'.

Take that as an advanced warning that this blog might not make sense! Lets see how we go - I'm just taking my time. Everything seems to take twice as long when I'm in the thick of Chemo. Feel free to ask me to clarify things, or correct my spelling/grammar.

Our appointment was at 12.30pm. I was not overly happy with this time - all the other sessions have started in the morning. But this time actually worked out well. We had the morning free to get things done while I was feeling well (including my exercises!).

We walked to the Hospital, which is always enjoyable. Walked up the stairs to the 8th floor. Good workout.

Here's me about to start. My wonderful boss came up with the awesome idea of re-naming the chemo sessions into something more fun. We went with 'cocktail party'. And of course when you go to a cocktail party you must wear a frock. The ideal kind of dress for this type of party is something with pockets and a low cut or button up top. This dress is very unusual for me in that I bought it new and full price! The sales person told me about the aid work the company do in India, which for me justified the purchase. I bought a size too big for me but I managed to shrink it without even trying.
 Plugged in and ready to go

As soon as the Chemo started I began to feel tired and 'fuzzy'. They give you each drug one at a time. You can help yourself to tea and coffee. 

I think today I achieved my most Chemo Brain moment so far:
Before they start giving me the final drug the nurses needed a urine sample from me. No problem, I'd had plenty of coffee! Just before I headed into the bathroom the nurse made sure there were cups available and handed one to me. And I forgot to collect a sample. That is silly enough, but I then decided that to salvage the situation I would just scoop a bit out of the bowel. I mean, sure it would be watered down a bit, but I don't know how these tests work - perhaps they could still use it.

Or perhaps not. No. I may have been laughed at by a few people! So the nurses had to wait while I guzzled some warm water for another try. Take 2 went much more sensibly.

I'm always quite amazed at how fast the symptoms kick in. By the time I'd been there for a couple of hours my finger tips were tingling and I knew I would not be able to tolerate lower temperatures anymore.

I've had enough practice now though, and the warmer weather helps. I bring my 'Chemo Kit' with me. Long socks, neck fleece thing, gloves, beanie, thermal water bottle for warm water.

This is my last round before my PET, so I may not be going to these 'cocktail parties' for a while into the future (I hope). I've walked to and from every single Friday visit to the Hospital. Today it was really hard. I was really tempted to let Dave go ahead and come back with the car. But I think that would have felt like a defeat. We walked the whole way. It took us a good 45 mins! But I'm really glad we did it. 
Nearly home! With 'Chemo Kit' accessories - long socks, gloves and scarf. Oh, and you get to take a bottle home!

Despite all the coffee I'd drunk this afternoon I had no trouble having a little nap when we got home, then over to mums for dinner, which was really nice.


  1. I was thinking of you today and my mum phoned to see how you were going xx

    1. Thank you! And Thanks to your Mum too - she is lovely!

  2. You are seriously amazing Flick! Such an inspiration. X

    1. Thanks! I get by with a little help from my friends :) xx

  3. I love the dress for the final cocktail party!!! I am so proud of you doing that final walk home - well done! Rest up now and recover. I love your blog it is honest and gives such great insight to what you are going through, xoxo

    1. Thanks Kellie! Getting lots of rest now! xxx

  4. It's very real seeing you all hooked up. You're amazing running this blog despite feeling like you do. And from one fashionista to another, the knee socks were inspired xxx