Thursday, 17 December 2015

More Chemo! Round 7

Today and yesterday I have forgotten the following things:

Put the bins out
And it was recycling night. 
And they are FULL.
Dave and I produce very little waste for landfill, about 1kg/week, but we have 2 rubbish and 2 recycling bins for the 10 flats where we live.
And next week is Christmas so they won't be collected until next Saturday!

Have my blood test
It's very important to get a blood test before each round of chemo. This shows if I am well enough to have the next round. e.g. has my White Cell count gone up again enough to take another hammering. Luckily for me I am surrounded by people who have my back. Between Dave and the staff at the Royal I was able to get in and have my blood test 10 mins before closing.

Put emla cream on my port
Emla cream makes your skin go numb. I usually put some on the area over my port where they put the needle in for chemo. It needs about 30-60 mins to take effect. When I arrived at the Royal today I realised I'd forgotten. So today I got the needles full effect. It stung!! If had a blister on my hand while rowing, or if I grabbed some nettles while weeding, I'd not have made a fuss at all. But for needles I become quite a wimp. 

That Chemo was booked for 9 am - NOT 10.30 am
I have no idea how I got it mixed up. There I was happily getting ready when I got a call from the Royal, who were expecting me at my booked time of 9 am. They were very good about it. After discovering that instead of being right on schedule we were running very late, we decided to drive in instead of walk. This is the first time I've not walked to and from chemo. At least the 8 flights of stairs at the hospital still gave as a little workout!
If I've forgotten anything else, I haven't remembered yet to know about it!

I think it's pretty fair to say that despite having an extra 2 weeks to prepare, I really wasn't ready for chemo this round.

Chemo took less time this visit as we've cut out one of the drugs - oxaliplatin. I was told with no promises that this may mean less side effects too. Well so far so good. After round 6 I was hit hard right away. So far all I feel is a slight 'fuzziness', and slight chemical taste in my mouth. Dave made us a fabulous salad for our lunch, and I drank a chilled glass of juice with no problems, which is great to be able to do.

I sort of didn't quite pass the urine test today though. I have to do a test before each round of chemo now since another drug (avastin) was added to my treatment. It was a bit borderline today, so I still got the avastin but I now have to do this crazy urine sample where I collect EVERYTHING for 24 hours. They've given me a gigantic tub.

Tonight is my work's Christmas party. I'm really looking forward to it. I won't be drinking, and I have my little bottle as usual, but I'm very glad I'm going to be able to go!


  1. You did not walk but you did remember your dress! Looking forward to seeing you tonight.......collection bottle and all! xo

  2. The notion of chemo is so abstract to the lucky ones who don't have to go through it, so it was very levelling, if not heartbreaking to see you looking so small, surrounded by all of those tubes. Good luck with round 7 and I hope you feel well enough to enjoy a peaceful Christmas xxx
    Anna's Island Style