Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Colonoscopy... of Joy

I've been looking forward to today, for several reasons. 
One, the colonoscopy is useful and important to get done. 
Two, I get to eat again once it's done. 
Three, voting for the Hottest 100 starts today.

And I must say it's been a day that ticked all the boxes. 
Once you've had one colonoscopy, major bowel surgery and various other smaller procedures, another colonoscopy is really no big deal.
Here is the extent of my suffering today:

We had to arrive at Calvary at 7.30 am, which is a bit harsh, then to reach the waiting room you have to walk past, almost through the hospital cafe which is a little cruel, then they subject you to Sunrise TV in the waiting room which is just horrible!

The nurses were lovely, one remembered me and Dave from my stay after surgery in August. The anesthetist did one of the most comfortable canulas I've had yet. 

I remember nothing of the procedure. I didn't have much sleep the night before and woke up feeling like I'd slept for hours (but still wanting to hit the snooze button).

And the procedure went well. The Doctor said I 'have a healthy bowel'. They didn't find any more polyps. It was a polyp that started this whole thing in the first place.
The view out the window from recovery - you can see our flat!

I've been googling polyps this afternoon. Causes are unknown but some evidence points towards unhealthy lifestyles or genetic factors. They are also more common in people over 60.  They rarely show any symptoms. Not all polyps will lead to cancer. Scary huh? So I just got one. With a healthy lifestyle, no genetic factors and at half the normal age group. And it turned into cancer.

If this was happening to someone I knew, I'd probably think 'ah I'm OK though'. But I'm still going to tell you all - you should all go and get yourself screened for all the screenable cancers. Now.

Anyway, my day today just got better and better.
After I came round they brought me some sandwiches and a coffee which I wolfed down, then Dave took me home and made me some delicious mushrooms on toast. 
Then I ate about 2 punnets worth of raspberries. 
Then we scoured the voting list for the Hottest 100.
27 Pages of fun
I had to sign a document this morning promising that I wouldn't drive, make important decisions, and other similar things for the rest of the day, and that I generally had to take it easy. Which I've most certainly done.

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  1. What great news that you have a healthy bowel Flis. That's what you, me and everybody should want. People generally don't really understand the idea of you are what you eat. But, I do know that doesn't give you any guarantees does it? I just think you have to do the best you can.
    Anna x