Friday 11 December 2015

Another Chemo-Free-Friday

I'm really enjoying not having chemo. As much as I'm grateful to have access to it, and prepared to put up with all the side effects it while it does its job, I'm not missing it either.

I went to the gym again today. It felt really good. I'm so lucky to have access to such great resource. I have the best provider of the most suitable exercises for me, with BODYSYSTEM Physio providing the Pinc Pilates program.

The workout I do is pretty tame compared to what I used to do, but it is perfect for me right now. My legs look like skinny little sticks compared to 6 months ago.

Exercise is so important. I've often found it to be a bit of a challenge to do enough. But if I thought it was hard before, it's harder now. I keep wanting to say it's more important now than ever, but I'm not sure that is true - its always super important and beneficial. 

After the gym Dave and I met Mum on Kingston Beach to walk the dogs, which was a lot of fun, and more exercise!

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