Friday 8 January 2016

Round 8 Already?

So today I started my 8th round of Chemo. Its fair to say I was a lot more organised for this one than the last. I got my blood test done in a timely fashion, I took the bins out, I arrived at the hospital on time today.

It's a lovely summer day here in Hobart and Dave and I walked to the Hospital, for the early time of 8.30 am.

Now that they've removed one of the drugs, the whole process is much quicker.

I usually feel some mild effects as soon as treatment starts. Today I felt a bit queasy before they'd started! So I guess I can't blame the treatment there.

The nurses always do a great job and they have to ask me lots of questions about how I'm going each time. I'm in a funny place between old habits of ignoring little aches and pains, and being super alert and paranoid about every little ache and pain. So I end up giving the nurses lots of detail about things, and then tell them it's nothing! 

Dave and I walked home through the Domain, which was really nice. We took it slow and it was beautiful morning. 
I've felt a little tired today, but I've been able to be up and about all day, even going out for another little walk in the evening with Dave, Mum and the dogs. We saw the Aurora Australis ship heading up-river.


  1. Good luck with round 8 Flis. Also Happy New Year to you and Dave. Rest up and take care.

    1. Thanks Anna! Happy New Year to you too! xxx