Saturday 14 November 2015

Round 5 Day 9

It's the weekend!


I didn't do anything...

It was quite nice. Usually my 'non chemo Saturdays' are pretty action packed. When the fatigue would lift it would feel so good I'd get a kind of buzz from it. But today I'm still a little drained. 
It worries me a bit. Is it just a normal accumulation of the fatigue side effect? Or am I kind of slowing down, getting used to doing not a lot. Probably a bit of both.

Well I didn't do nothing. I got up and dressed by 10.30am.
I made friends with a bee. 
I took the recycling out, and found her looking very bedraggled and sorry for herself. I took her out to the balcony where is was more sheltered, and sat with her for a while. The sun came out and she warmed up and flew away. I love bees!

I put an photo album on facebook, always an achievement for me - I'm so far behind. 

I heard about the horrific news in France. It's so awful. I don't know what to say. It made me feel like I shouldn't have put that album up today. I feel so sad for everyone effected.

I started sorting out my list of favorite songs of 2015. That is fun and it's a massive job so it's good to have made a good start.

I've also been up to doing a few little chores around the house. It feels good to be up to it, and stuff gets done! So it's a double win.

I'd like to shout out to my colleagues doing Point to Pinnacle tomorrow - the worlds toughest half marathon!
They're fundraising for the GI Cancer Institute. (They do research for Gastro-Intestinal cancers - including bowel cancer.)

Here is their fundraising page:

                       Good Luck Guys! You're Awesome! xxx


  1. stupid bee,you couldent do that with a pointless wasp,they just sting ya cos there shit.

  2. I love bees too. I put very shallow trays of water out for them :-D
    I enjoy your blog but look forward to the post where you say you don't have cancer anymore <3

    1. Bee fans unite! And thank you, yes that will be awesome xx