Thursday 19 November 2015

Round 5 Day 14

The end of Round 5.

Round 6 starts tomorrow. I'm getting a bit stressed about what comes next. 
My future is clear right up until Tuesday 1st December. That's less than 2 weeks.

Today was very busy. I saw my GP at 8.30am. Then I had a blood test. I got the same lady as last time - she was really nice and remembered me. 
You can't take the stairs at this particular pathology site, and I think they may have the slowest lifts in the world. The queue went out the front door. Dave and I were naughty and sneaked out via the stairs on the way out.

At 10am it was time for the Creative Workshop I've been attending each Thursday. I really do love the funny stretching/meditation exercises we do at the start. This week we decorated masks. Mine looked awful, but I was still pleased with it as I felt it really represented what I was trying to get across.

That ends at 1pm and I started work at 1.15pm. Work came with all its usual enjoyment but today my stress levels were high, I couldn't quite shake it off the way I usually do at work.

I picked Dave up from work. That is the first time I've driven the car during Round 5.

I feel really tired this evening. But I still did my exercises!

This isn't really today's news - but  I got approximately 25 mozzie bites the other night. This is fairly normal for me if I sit outside during warmer weather. I used to joke that the mozzies like to eat organic - this time I wonder if their meal might disagree with them later!

I really like to include a photo, so here is tonight's sunset.

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