Friday 13 November 2015

Round 5 Day 8

Another slow start to the day. By which I mean it was 12pm by the time I was up and dressed.

It was a beautiful day today. Once I was mobilized we went to centrelink. There was quite a wait, and at one point a lady nearby started coughing quite badly. It reminded me that I really need to be careful when out and about - my immune system will not be very good at the moment. I left Dave inside to queue for us and waited outside.

Later in the afternoon we went to the Botanical Gardens. I don't think we've ever visited so late in the day before. It was great to see everything with a different light on it. It was beautiful, and there were yellow-tailed black cockatoo's in the tall pine trees - they are wonderful birds.
Today Triple J declared it Aus Music T Shirt Day. Being a bit of a music T-Shirt fan I made a point of wearing my signed Lanie Lane T shirt (and now shamelessly sharing it on this blog!). I got this T-Shirt when I saw her play at the Grand Poobah in May 2012.

After visiting the Gardens we caught up with a friend at the Westend Pumphouse, which was great, we should do it more often!


  1. Dear Flis, I've waited until my day off to read your entire blog in one. What can I say? Well firstly, this is a very bold and brave step to share this with the world. Those who know and love you want to share it all and so be able to understand and support you in any way they can. Secondly, hell girl, I'm so, so sorry to know that you're going through this. Thirdly, where's all the cussing, shouting and ranting about it not being fair? You seem so together, but maybe that's cos we are getting the edited version rather than the warts an' all first hand version.
    I think you're doing an amazing job coping with all you have to never mind, running an informative blog like this. None of us can imagine how we would cope if it were us, and here you are being so gracious, accepting and just as lovely as you always are. It's wonderful for you to have friends and family around, just being there. I like it when you said about enjoying hanging the washing out - you know that's a little daily pleasure for me too. And the simple step of picking a flower giving you a moment of joy, in amongst everything else that's so understandable.
    But now on the serious stuff. These fashion shots - they're great, and we fashionistas could do with more! Love the linking of red tights and the backdrop. Even that crazy face mask and gloves look - the contrasting colours worked really well. And you in that gown, well the cute socks made it so adorable.
    Every one of us who reads your blog thinks "how would I cope with this?" I'd be a mess, a bloody hysterical mess, I'm sure. I've lived with bowel disease for 40 years and this is the bogey man for me. When I featured my own health journey on my blog I wanted to talk about a taboo subject and was so pleased that it was passed around from one to another who needed the information. You are doing incredibly well, I'm in awe of you and impressed at your swan like ability - for giving the rest of us an insight at you thrashing away below the water line, yet maintaining this graceful air for all to see.
    Love you Flis, will be following your every move. Good luck xxx

    1. Thank you Anna for this incredible message! I’m blown away by your words. I hope I can give it justice with my reply:
      It’s always great to hear from you, no matter what the circumstances.
      It was nerve wracking for me to start this blog but I felt I had some important reasons, and well - I've certainly faced much scarier things now.
      So far it has really helped me, and seems to be serving its purpose well.
      You’re not the first person to ask about the ranting and screaming. But really, there hasn’t been any. I’m not a rant and scream kind of person – and I am still the same person. I’ve always known that life is not fair, and up until now, I’ve been incredibly lucky, and had a much better life than literally billions of others. Yes there are tears – and I do feel frustrated at times, and I try to be honest but there probably is a little bit of rose tinting on the blog. But then I remember I don’t have time to be sad. There really is beauty to be found every day, all around us, so I’d rather focus on that. It’s very helpful really. And you’re right, I have fantastic support here and across the globe - and that really makes a big difference.
      OK so now the important stuff! Yep chemo fashion is in this season! Actually it’s a really interesting element – how it changes how you dress and how you look – it’s even changed my hair care routines – I won’t give you too many spoilers now as I intend to blog more about it later – I’m very impressed that you can make the facemask and gloves look sound positive – I was very conflicted about whether to include the photo or not – I’m glad I did.
      No-one knows how they would cope – I think a lot of people would do better than they think. But bowel cancer is not glamorous, it’s not easy to talk about, and I’d really like to confront that, and show people that it can and should be acknowledged more openly.
      I’m enjoying your fashion blog too! xxx

  2. Good girl. I think you owe it to the masses to reveal what bowel cancer entails. Yes, it's probably the most unglamorous of cancers, but that doesn't take away the fact that this is your new reality and will be so for so many others too. I've been acutely aware that I've shied away from discussing my bowel disease with others as it might be a bit tasteless, but really it's no different to any other disease. Cancer is cancer and that scares the hell out of everyone. You're such a brave little cookie for stepping up and sharing.
    And if the truth be known, slap me down with cancer and I'd be in my PJ's 24/7 and feeling really sorry for myself. I couldn't see me giving a damn what I wore. You amaze me. I'm full of admiration for you - your strength, humour and level headedness. Go girl xxx