Tuesday 14 July 2015

My First Day of Symptoms

Warning - Gory details are included

On Tuesday 14th July I got to work at 8am as usual. As soon as I put my bag down, I suddenly had to rush to the loo.
There, imagine Quentin Tarantino writes an episode of American Horror Story: Bathroom. Yep, blood gushed out from whence it should not.
My reaction: "Yikes!". Flush. Clean up.

By this time, one of the directors had arrived at work, so I told her and she sent me to the nearest GP right away.
That sounds pretty calm but it wasn't. I don't often swear - but I did that morning.

Here is my top tip so far - if you do something in the toilet that you need to tell a Doctor about - have a really good look at it before you flush.

The Doctor wanted to know every last detail of what I'd sent down the big white telephone, but I really didn't have the answers. All I knew was there was a lot of blood.
He asked me lots of other questions too, did some prodding and poking, and said he would refer me for a colonoscopy.

I got a taxi home and went to bed, feeling drained and sorry for myself, but also sure it would not be anything serious. Cancer never even crossed my mind.

I went to work the next day. I still felt drained, and I joked with a colleague when she asked me how I felt "Like I could do with the rest of the week off" Ha ha.

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