Thursday 23 July 2015

The CT Scan

So by now I'm already away from my nice, normal routines and having lots of new experiences I never wanted.

For a CT Scan, they give you a drink, make you wait for a bit, get you to change into a gown, more waiting - then you go into the room where its done.

They put a cannula in your arm and put some more stuff in you. By now people don't want to spend much time in the same room as you. Because you're radioactive. I think.

Then the cannula comes out, you lie down on the bed and it slowly moves through a big white ring. You have to hold your breath at strategic points, the instructions are called out to you by a person in another room.

Just when you're starting to get really bored and a bit uncomfortable and wanting to fidget its done.

The images were ready right away, Dave and I took them home with us. We had a really good look at them. A couple of times we even got them the right way up. We had no idea what we were looking at.

That was a Thursday. We were not seeing the surgeon to discuss the results until the following Tuesday.

It felt like a very long time.

Here's me in the fabulous gown before the scan started.

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  1. hello flipper ive read all your blog and in your gown you remind me of blue lipmus paper on a firework thats about to bit look like a little fireworkxxx