Friday 17 July 2015

Symptoms III: The Trilogy Concludes

Friday, 2am - guess what? More red offerings to the porcelain altar.

By now I am getting Deja vu. I go back to bed, and call the GP at 8.30am.
He makes some phone calls, and gets back to me later with a colonoscopy booked for Monday.

I'm approximately 1 million miles out of my comfort zone now.
I'm scared of hospitals and needles (and needle related stuff like blood tests and cannulas). I'm scared of the risks associated with anaesthesia. And I'm mortified by the exposure of bits of me that the sun never shines.

It was a long weekend but I had no further symptoms apart from feeling a bit drained, like one feels after a bout of gastro.

Cancer still hasn't even crossed my mind.

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