Tuesday 28 July 2015

The Results of the CT Scan

The CT Scan showed that the tumor in my bowel (in my sigmoid colon to be precise - that is like your left hand corner of the big tube) was indeed nearly completely blocking my bowel and I was very constipated as a result.

And it also showed that some nearby lymph nodes in my bowel were infected with tumors.

And it also showed lymph nodes along my aorta we infected with tumors. 

I thought the aorta was a part of your heart, but its actually a main vein leading to your heart. Sort of. I'm sure anyone with any medical background will cringe at my medical understanding.

And it also showed lots of very tiny dots of cancer in my lungs.

Not really want we wanted to hear. Could have been worse though. Could have been better too.

When you have cancer, the primary tumor is the type of cancer you have. So in my case, bowel cancer. The cancer in my lymph nodes and lungs is also bowel cancer.

The surgeon advised that the next step has to be surgery and soon, due to the size of the tumor. Oh and to start taking something for the constipation in the meantime.

The plan was for keyhole surgery, and if all went well I shouldn't need a bag afterwards. They would remove that entire section called the sigmoid colon and reconnect my bowel at the resulting gap.

After surgery would come more tests and treatments but the main thing was to focus on the surgery for now.

After the consult I wanted cry. I wanted to go home. But first some admin. Payment, and the receptionist gave us what seemed like a massive wedge of paperwork to complete. We didn't have to but I decided to stay and fill it in then and there. I felt much calmer after that. I think I was learning that keeping busy is keeping distracted and distracted is better than the real issue.

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