Monday 17 October 2016

Radiation Vibes

Monday was another big day, the morning was full of meetings with Doctors, and finally in the afternoon I got my fluid drained.

For this, I insisted on as much sedation as they were prepared to give me. What they did give me, in my opinion, wasn't quite enough. 
Its a simple little procedure, one of the doctors who'd been looking after me since I was admitted performed it, in my room, with Dave at my side. I was a little bit too aware of what was going on. I didn't enjoy it.

The hope was the drain would be out again before the end of the day. It wasn't.
At least it should be out tomorrow before I have my first radiation session. Nope.

That's not to say it all went badly. It was fine really. In the face of such minor procedures it can be hard to get medical people to understand just how badly I handle it all.

I do have some photos but they are totally gross so I'm not putting them up.

The drain stayed in overnight and by the time it came out the next day four litres of fluid had been removed. That's quite a lot in a little person like me. I felt much better for it.

So even for the removal of the drain, which is a much easier procedure, I insisted on all the sedation I could get. Again, I feel it fell a little bit short, but it was easier in general.

This was not before I had my first Radiation treatment though. Me and my bag went down to the ground floor to the Holman Clinic.
It's quite an amazing room where it's done. 
This is the ceiling.
This is the machine.

And they play music! The team are lovely, and most of the appointment is spent by them making sure you and the machine are lined up perfectly, then they leave the room, and you are zapped for only a minute it seems, and that's it.

As I'm writing this I've had all of my 5 planned radiation treatments. Here is the songs I got during my treatment. My radiation playlist.
Day 1: Queen - Killer Queen
Day 2: A lovely Classical piece I can't find the name of
Day 3: The Beatles - Penny Lane
Day 4: Johnny Cash - One Piece at a Time
Day 5: Stealers Wheel - Stuck in the Middle With You

So I was pretty happy with this. So far the side effects have been mild but I might still flare up with a stronger sunburn like sensation. 

On Wednesday I went home. It was a big relief, but also a little bit scary. This is one of the first photos I took, on the way back to the car.


  1. My dear girl, four litres is a huge amount for a tiny frame like yours. I feel for you. Such an onslaught of treatment coming at you now. I do hope that side effects don't kick in later. I love your playlist and think the ceiling is beautiful - by design surely, not an accident that you have that light filled skylight with that blossom there? Thinking of you sweetie x

    1. Thank you Anna! Yes it was quite a lot and I was very glad to be rid of it, and felt much better for it.
      I hope those side effects don't kick in either, but what I hope more is that it works well regardless! That amazing ceiling is a back-lit picture, I assume the same all year round, and total coincidence that it happens to be the same as the trees across the road from the hospital.

  2. Dear Felicity, I was shocked and saddened to hear what has happened to you. I hope you are not suffering too much. I often think of you and just want to let you know I love you very much. I always get great pleasure in looking at the photos of you as a little girl, it's brings back so many very happy memories.
    Gran'ma Monique Sterry

    1. Thank you Grandma, I don't have photos but I do have many happy memories of the times we spent together xxx

  3. Wow, what an improvement to the ceiling in the Holman Clinic radiation room! Amazing the difference the small things make!
    Glad you got through it ok. Hopefully you don't get the sunburn reaction - it took weeks before I got it.
    K :)

    1. It really was a great room and all things in perspective a positive experience. Hope I don't react too! I'm just over 3 weeks past last treatment so hope I'm reaching safety!

  4. Hi Felicity,
    I have found your blog again. I don't like reading what you have to go through. Your such a brave young lady and you are so positive. Thinking of you often. Wishing you well again soon.