Friday 13 May 2016

Round 13 Day 1 - Not Cancelled, re-scheduled

During what I now consider my 2nd chemo regime, which I will look back fondly on, I was able to do wacky things like pop into hospital for a dose of chemo, then nip round the corner to the gym for a 30 min workout. And then sleep for 12 hours.

It's hard to explain how the change of pace feels. I've done this dance already. Here we go again. Was I expecting to have to do it again so soon? Well, yes I kind of was actually. Expectations and hopes are not the same thing.

I was hoping to hear that I was all better and can just resume life as we knew it. Obviously. 

I was already booked for chemo on Friday when I saw my Oncologist on Thursday. I was also booked for yoga, gym and dinner.

Some re-scheduling was required. 

So on Friday morning Dave and I walked into town together. I did my gym workout. Then I went to yoga. Then we went to the hospital.

I'd declared that morning that I wanted to wear something fabulous. And I did.
This is 'The 80's Skirt'. It got a little bit of attention during the day and at the hospital, which was fun. I even started thinking perhaps I should organise a fancy dress for one chemo day. I was having a laugh with the lovely nurses. I did my Home Exercise Program while receiving chemo.

About 2 hours in, it hit me, hard. Suddenly I was weak and tired and feeling lots of other odd things like a numb face.

With all the rushing around this morning it was a finely tuned mission to get my emla cream on at the right time, but this was achieved with overkill on my part.

I'm no longer required to do a urine test before treatment. I do have to have an injection in my stomach though. This is to help with what sounded like some pretty dire gastro that can result from this treatment. 
After I'd been to the loo twice they gave me another injection. I've been a proper pin cushion this week. I know it could be worse, but it was quite a lot for what I'm used to.

It took us an hour to walk home. But we did it. And we went out for dinner. My friend ordered a burger called 'The Hangover'. The waitress tried to serve it to me - I must of looked pretty dicey.

I've got lots of anti nausea tablets. They come in terrible non-recyclable packaging that is hard to open even when you're not also trying to concentrate on not vomiting.

I was sick that night. And sleep is weird. Fatigue. And steroids. And nausea. And I had my bottle back. My horrible wonderful bottle.

I feel this is a bit of a disjointed post. But I suppose that reflects things fairly well then.

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  1. What a star you are with your hospital fashionista outfit. The nurses must love you x