Saturday, 31 October 2015

Round 4 Day 9 & 10

Yesterday was busy but fun. First I met up with my rowing buddies after they'd finished their morning row and had a coffee with them at the club rooms. It's always lovely to catch up with them, wish I was rowing with them too though!

Then I went to the Sustainable Living Festival. Lots of interesting things to see, it turns out I've pretty much already signed up to most of it! In the spirit of sustainability I brought a bag but less sustainably I picked up lots and lots of brochures and leaflets to go through.

Then a look round Salamanca market - always fun. Had a late lunch from Pacha Mama Mexican - I had a vegan bowl - delicious as always.

Its almost impossible to go faster than a shuffle at the market, but it turns out shuffle is my top speed at the moment anyway!

Then I met some friends at Jack Green for some drinks - in my case - sparkling water with no ice (and no straw!). There's actually no need for me to totally avoid alcohol, but I just don't want it at the moment. I had a great time catching up anyway :)

Later we went out to a Day of the Dead thing on top of Melville street car park - it was awesome! I really enjoyed the live music, but the whole thing was really good. I'd definitely go again.

Today I went horse riding at 5 Mile Beach. The weather was really warm. Its a really beautiful place. The tide was high so we stuck to the tracks, which also provided some shade.

Funnily enough, I feel pretty tired this afternoon! Just enjoying a quiet night in now.

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