Thursday 29 October 2015

Round 4 Day 7

Today I went to a 'Creative Expression Workshop' for people who have been affected by cancer. I tried to have no expectations, but somehow I found myself surprised at how it went, so I guess I must have had some expectations after all.

I enjoyed it though, its a course that runs for a number of weeks so I intend to keep going.

It started with something a little like a meditation, which then involved into a series of movements, stretches and steps - it must have looked ridiculous if anyone could see us all, but it felt really good. I've been so sedentary for the last week it was lovely to gently move and stretch.

The idea of that exercise was to clear your mind and then allow thoughts to come. It kind of worked.

Then we all grabbed our chosen mediums and got to work on our postcards. From there it was bit like being back at primary school. I was doing the same kind of drawings then as now, there was no pencil sharpener, and I was the last to finish.

It turned into a nice sunny day too. Later I took the compost out - its always a strong sign of recovery when I start doing little chores around the house. While I was out in the garden I picked a few flowers to add to the vase in the kitchen.

I think I'd like to challenge myself to go in the garden and pick a flower every day.

My 'Creative Expression'

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