Wednesday 28 October 2015

Round 4 Day 6

Today the fatigue had cleared a little more. I still slept a lot. When I'm doing nothing I feel pretty much fine, which inspires me to try and do something. And it's too hard.

Its been a lovely sunny day so Dave and I popped to the botanical gardens in the afternoon. Its really nice to be out in one of our favourite places on such a lovely day, but going out when I'm this kind of highlights that I'm not quite up to scratch. I move very slowly - old people and tiny children wiz past me, and we spent most of the time sitting on a bench.

That comes with its own treats though - just watching the world go by. I really enjoyed just watching the hoverflies skimming the daisies in the lawn.

The chemo brain is subsiding - I did a number of Sudoku's today without messing up my winning streak. And I was able to read articles online - and I've read lots today.

My appetite has been good today, and when it is I try to make the most of it so I don't loose weight by stuffing my face.

Later Dave and I are going to watch That Sugar Film.

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