Thursday 28 July 2016

Round 18 Day 1 - About that Surrogacy thing

OK, so the title of this post is Round 18 Day 1, but I'm writing it on day 7, and I'm going to include some events from Round 17 Day 13 too.

It's been a strange week.

On Thursday, we had one of our regular reviews with the oncology nurses. I was all set to organise a final scan for before we go on our trip to the UK. They had a bit of a surprise for me though: No scan! 

... No scan? ... ... ...Really?

What is funny is that they totally anticipated my reaction perfectly. I suppose they have been dealing with me for a year now and it goes to show that they are getting to know me quite well. They had to fight to convince me that this was OK. They were very firm that I just need to focus on enjoying my break and not worrying. Easily said of course! 
I am of course entitled to put my foot down and insist on a scan, but why would I have more scans then I need? They are a wonderful resource, and I'm incredibly grateful to have access to them, but I certainly don't do them for fun! I will have a scan soon after returning regardless.

I'm still getting my head around this, and in a way, I'm still deciding if I will have a scan or not.

On Friday in usual style we arrived for our 9am appointment at 10.15am.
Treatment was uneventful. I wore my Let England Shake T-shirt I got when I saw PJ Harvey perform this album at MOFO 2012. Its not a tour T-shirt, it doesn't even have PJ's name on it - just the album title. However this is a really special album for me. Its nothing to with that cancer thing though, so although I can't resist writing about it, I've done it separately, so's not to clog my cancer blog with my random waffle. If you'd like to, you can read about my experience with Let England Shake here.

After treatment I went to the gym to do my usual Friday workout. I'm very lucky that although I can't make the allotted Pinc time on a chemo day, I can sneak in during lunch and do my program anyway.

Here I am working out!

We walked home a slightly longer scenic route and only got a little bit snowed on. We did see a galah though!

That night Dave published his guest blog. We were both very nervous about sharing this and pretty much hit 'post' then hid from social media for the rest of the night. Dave made some amazing macaroons to help us keep our mind off things (not usually part of my low GI diet, but I'm still being a little relaxed about this to try and gain more weight).

They were delicious!

We really have been overwhelmed by the wonderful love and support that keeps on pouring in response to that post. It really means more to us than I can put into words. I don't know how to even begin to show all the gratitude I have for all the amazing people in our lives. It actually scares me a little, all I seem to do these days is receive, and give little or nothing back, and I don't know if or when I'll ever be able to change that. When feelings like that overwhelm me, I try to remind myself that it is much better to be out of my comfort zone because of something like that than for most of the things that have taken me out of my comfort zone in the last year. It's that train of thought that means when I was contacted by local radio earlier today and asked if I'll do a live interview about our GoFundMe page, I agreed to it without hesitation (and afterwards, think - 'eek what am I doing!')

Oh yeah, our GoFundMe page! So, partly inspired by the beautiful response we got from Dave's blog (and partly inspired by financial needs) we decided to take ourselves out of our comfort zone and into the 'public eye' yet again. Once more, we hit 'post' and then ran and hid from social media. And once again, we've been blown away by everyone's reactions.

Thanks everyone, we're really feeling the love right now.


  1. Am hoping that your guys will be turning up on Tresco soon and I will be able to give you a great big bear hug. Your blog is amazingly informative and I do hope is giving you all you hoped it would.
    Anna x

    1. Yes early Sept - can't wait to see you! :D xox