Friday 8 July 2016

Round 17 Day 1

I think I'm settling back into the fortnightly routine.

The last week has seen a gradual build up of busyness, ending with a packed day of chores and socialising on Thursday before chemo.

Mind you, I'm finding that chemo day itself tends to be a really busy day too.

After a fun but later than expected night on Thursday, I struggled to get up and ready in time for my 9am appointment at the hospital. We arrived at 10am, but were once more informed that this way by no means a bad thing. My next appointment is also booked for 9am. No prizes for guessing how that is going to pan out.
My treatment was uneventful. The only thing of note was that I succumbed to hunger and ate the hospital food provided.
Today I wore my signed CSS T-shirt. I got this in 2011 when we saw CSS play at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne. The design features the words 'Sometimes life is so rad all I want is to scream a BIG YAY!!!' which is a nice positive message. It doesn't have tour dates on it though. I've got lots of band T-shirts that don't have dates on, I've banned myself from buying any more now.

We got out of the hospital shortly before 1pm. After a brief 'hello' to the guys at work, I did a slightly reduced gym session, then Dave and I walked home.

Then we went out again.

We did some pet sitting recently and we enjoyed it so much that we are doing some more this weekend. This blog was originally written with pen and paper, away from my laptop.

I'm tired. But today, actually this whole week, I've been struck all oever again by how lucky I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people. it really is amazing and has such a positive influence on my life.
The clouds were pretty cool this morning too! BIG YAY!!!


  1. I like the skirt and T-shirt outfit transition Felicity! Keep being awesome,

    1. Thanks Kellie! From frocks to rock, and still plenty to go :)

  2. Forever positive, you are indeed awesome xxx

  3. Looking forward to finally meeting you in person! This is Rachel's husband Greg, by the way.