Friday 18 March 2016

Round 10 Day 6 - The GI Cancer Forum

So the big news this week is that Wednesday was the day of the GI Cancer Forum.

Being a Wednesday, I was also working in the afternoon, which worked out very well - the forum was just around the corner from my workplace, and started shortly after I finished work.
Which meant I already looked smart (well, smart for me anyway).

It was a really great forum. Were do I start? The speakers were all excellent. Both the Oncologists went over some really important cancer basics, I'm still learning a lot. They also talked about some of the exciting advances in immunotherapy taking place these days. I get very excited and eager when I hear about this stuff, but I don't know if or when any of it will reach me. I wish I could just camp outside a shop for a few days like people do for the latest iphones!
Some grim stats - despite GI cancers being the most common cancer, its survival rate is much lower than some other cancers. Perhaps we need ribbon too. Anyone want a brown ribbon?

It was great to listen to my own Oncologist talk too - she really knows her stuff! The other speakers were an Exercise Physiologist - love that stuff, and another cancer patient who did a really lovely talk about her own experiences.

I met some really great people, caught up with people I already know from the cancer circuit, and I had friends, family and colleagues attend in support - which was really wonderful.

And I think my talk went OK! It wasn't too painful for me anyway, I've been given some nice feedback since.
Me doing my talk!

This week has left me a confusing mix of exhausted and inspired. I'm trying to give myself a little rest to gather my thoughts and some energy, in the hope that I 'spring into action' next week. What action that is I don't really know. Yet.


  1. Flis, that photo of you makes me feel so proud. There you are spreading your story and I'm sure inspiring everyone with it. Take a little time-out to get over this big day. You deserve a break. Awesome stuff girl!
    Anna x