Friday 4 November 2016

Round 23? Round 22.5?

So just a week after my last treatment, which I incorrectly refer to as round 22, I find myself back in hospital for another dose of cetauximab.

It turns out that last week I received just a weekly dose. So of course, a week on, I need another dose. And of course, next week too.

But next week I am going to have a fortnightly dose and stick to that in future. And I'm very glad. 'Chemo day' takes a lot out of Dave and I, so I'm very grateful we don't have to do it every week, as some people do.

We walked in, a lovely breezy warm spring day. We had to walk a little quicker than I would have liked as, guess what, we'd left a little later than we'd hoped, despite the late appointment time of 2pm.

We walked a slightly different route it, which took us through a rather awesome underpass. Dave is carrying my bag for me. He always does that for me now.
We arrived for my treatment on time again, and my port behaved well. As I was just having cetauximab this week I didn't have to have an injection or stay quite as long. I wore my Specials T-shirt. It's a great T shirt, it looks cool, it has the tour dates on the back, and it was a spectacular gig.
Once again, we did not walk home. We did go to a gig that evening though. Olympia. It was great. But it turns out I can't stand up for the duration of a gig at the moment. I was lucky and got somewhere to sit this time, but I'm a bit nervous about what might happen at future gigs. I was tired, but thanks to the steroids I get given on chemo day I was able to enjoy the whole night (sitting down).

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  1. Hello sweetie. Thanks for keeping us in touch with what's going on with you. Think you're doing so well. I love that photo of you guys together. And that artwork in the underpass is cool:) Take care my lovely xxxx