Saturday 23 April 2016

Round 12 Day 2

I had hoped to go horse riding today. I set my alarm, I even got out of bed.

Then I went back to bed and stayed there until 11.30am.

The only reason I got up then was because I remembered I'm supposed to take my capecitabine (chemo) tablets at roughly the same time every day, and my morning dose was a bit late!

So I got up and had breakfast and then had my tablets. That done, that is my cue to get showered and dressed.....

It wasn't happening. I felt frustrated. Another fabulous autumn day passing me by.

So I went out - Mum offered to take me to Salamanca market. So I showered and dressed and went out. The market had quietened off which was good - I feel a little uncomfortable in crowds these days - it's silly really but I'm scared of catching a cold. The treatment I'm on now doesn't bash my immune system so hard but I'm still a bit paranoid.

It was nice to be out in Hobart on this beautiful day. I needed to buy some honey anyway. Tasmania produces some of the best honey in the world, we are spoilt for choice in local craft honeys at Salamanca market. I have a favorite stall I've been getting my honey from for years.

Before I got sick, I would take my pushbike to Salamanca market. I'd buy a 6kg tub of honey, and ride back home uphill with the extra weight, sometimes taking a detour to get more groceries. And if there was an event or protest on the Parliament Lawns that took my interest I'd just join in. I used to really enjoy soaking up Hobart life on a Saturday.

So it was really good to be back at the market buying honey, not quite in the way I used to, but still good, and still not sitting at home in my PJ's. And we bumped into a friend of mine while we were out.
I wasn't planning to blog today, or I would have taken some pictures of the market, but have a couple of slightly random photos I took while out today.

After a coffee I went home, and I've been reasonably productive in a small way - this blog to start. Also I've tidied the kitchen and done my home exercises. I'm playing my favorite songs of last year nice and loud.

Now I'm ready for a quiet evening. I was going to say a nap - but that would be a figure of speech, the fatigue has to be worse than this to have me fall asleep again in the afternoon.

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