Thursday 25 February 2016

Round 9 Day 8

It's been a busy (and productive) week. I've had lots of appointments, and today I'm enjoying a day with no commitments.

I'm starting to feel a real 'fuzziness' in the mornings, a sort of cross between chemo brain and fatigue, and some mild nausea in the afternoon. I suppose these are side effects from my new tablets creeping in, although I'm still also getting some lingering effects from drugs I'm not having anymore.

My stress levels are on the rise again as another PET scan approaches (its this Monday). It's weird - there is nothing bad about having a PET, yet 'scanxiety' is a real and normal thing. Having the scan is a good thing. I know this. All my thoughts are in the right place. But my stress levels are still up.

This has triggered me to reflect on my stress management. I've been a bit slack on meditating and blogging lately. Time to get back into it! Watch this space!

Here, have a picture of a sunrise I saw last week. Because it is soothing. And because I'm not an early riser at the best of times, with this new side effect I doubt I'll be up for another one for some time. 

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  1. Good to hear how things are going.
    Take care
    Anna xxx
    Anna's Island Style