Friday 25 March 2016

Little Fluffy Clouds

  • I had two fillings earlier this week. 
My dentist is excellent and the whole thing was as un-scary as it can be for someone like me.
I now have a new admiration for the numbing agents they have at the dentist. They work incredibly quickly. I mentioned this to the dentist and he explained that the gums can take it up much faster than skin (I was comparing it to my experiences with emla cream, which takes an hour). He also said he's allowed to use stronger stuff in Australia compared to the UK (he's an Essex boy originally!)
But still - needles. Just like my most recent blood test, I'm getting braver and didn't give prior warning that I'm nervous about needles.

But I did close my eyes (looking away doesn't quite work when the injection is in your mouth.) And in my head I'm thinking - 
'Try and relax, think about something else. 
Think about something nice. 
Think about.... little fluffy clouds'.

And then my brain goes: 

'little fluffy clouds, little fluffy clouds, 
li li li li li li li li li li li li li li li li li li li li li little fluffy clouds' 

and then this classic by The Orb is lodged in my head for the rest of the day. Which is fine. This song is magic.*
Of course I have to include some cloud pictures. This picture is extra awesome because as I was taking this picture they started playing the song on the radio.

  • I've given my sleeping habits a bit of a review this week. 
I was trying to act like a normal person and have 7-9 hours sleep a night. It didn't feel like enough. And you know what, I'm not a 'normal person' (I never was, but you know what I mean). So now if I don't have anything planned in the morning (and I try not to) I don't set an alarm, and sleep until I feel ready to get up. 12 hours sleep seems OK. So I'm sleeping half my life away.

  • In new heights of slobbery this week: 
I've learnt that I can do my home exercises while wearing my Ugg boots, and if there are no clean knives, I can spread butter on my toast with the back of a spoon.**
Another cloud pic because I love pictures of clouds and songs about clouds.

  • I have this strange sensation of oversharing with this blog. 
I feel like some personal information is seeping into it. This blog is about that cancer thing, after all. Here I am talking about songs I like and my slobby behavior at home. But I'm also enjoying writing this blog, and I can't forget, that everything in my life is about that cancer thing now. All the time.

*If you know what I'm talking about, it's probably stuck in your head now - best play it out. Turn it up loud.
If you don't know what I'm talking about - check it out! If it's not your thing skip to about 1 min 30 secs to see what I'm on about.

** We only have 2 knives that are good for spreading, the rest are too pointy, so it's not like all the knives in the house were dirty, just 2. And I don't like to just wash one thing as it wastes water.


  1. Hello sweetie, don't worry about over sharing on the blog. Your blog is about cancer which has taken over your life, thoughts, emotions and therefore you need to write about it all. As one of you regular readers I can vouch for us that everything you write is valid, funny and interesting. The depths of your slobbery are not too impressive really, and I think you'll have to try much harder if you want us all to recoil in horror.
    I'm scared to bits at the dentist and am relieved that there's now even a section on their paperwork where you can declare your fears and mark them out of ten. This does however lead to having a full discussion on said fears, but hey it gets it out there at least.
    Keep blogging, keep telling all, keep being your wonderful self. I too love clouds. Don't know that song, so will have to have a listen, later. Time to get out for a swim.
    Anna x

    1. Thanks Anna you always say such lovely things that make me smile! :) Yes our dentist has that on their forms now and I was very happy about that. The first time I went to the dentist in Australia they happened to be doing a study to see how blood pressure relates to dental health - so they took my blood pressure and it was through the roof - they told me to see my GP about it. This is the only time its ever been high - my blood pressure is usually the low end of normal! I liked this though as it sort of proved my fear to me. I'm getting better all the time with practice and good experiences.
      I love that you go swimming in the sea! I always think I should do the same but I'm a real cold water wimp!
      Hope you had a great swim xxxxx