Friday, 30 October 2015

Round 4 Day 8

Feeling almost normal today. Its been pretty successful.

I went to the gym to do my supervised exercises, designed to help people undergoing chemo (or whatever stage they are at in cancer treatment).

Did really well - most noticeably I turned up on time and completed all my exercises within the 30mins allowed.

Managed a quick catch up with a couple of the guys at work - I miss them! Even a snatched 5 min chat is really nice.

Mum and I had a lovely lunch at Mures in town. The sun was shining at its just lovely sitting out there watching the world go by.

Its surreal too though. I was only there because I'm too sick to work. I had a couple of 'I really can't believe this is happening' today.

I really can't believe it. But you just have to go, 'well, it is, so there'. And carry on.

I did my washing (well, mum got it off the line for me, but I did the rest myself). Its raining now so really good to get it in and put away!

Going out tonight - Farewell drinks for a colleague, dinner at mums, and movie at a friends - so many things! It'll be fun, hopefully not too tiring!

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