Thursday 16 July 2015

Symptoms II: The Return of the Symptoms

On Thursday morning, about 5am, it all happened again. I was woken by a sudden need to rush to the loo, where I proceeded to gush blood.

I'm a quick learner. This time, I had a good look. A really good look. I even took photos.

Dave took me to A&E. I've never been to A&E before, for myself or anyone else.

It was 6am by the time we got there. It was nice and quiet.

By 7am I decided it was time to call work and let them know I might be late.

Shortly after, I was seen by a nice young Doctor, who was on his 13th hour of his shift. I was impressed by his ability to function like a human after 13 hours of work. I'm not impressed that Doctors have to work such long hours. When I have a spare minute, I must get round to revolutionising the medical system. But I'm busy at the moment.

He asked me all the same questions as the GP. He did all the same prodding and poking. Then he put a cannula in my arm. This is a terrifying experience for me. He did a blood test to check my red cells. They came back normal. He said "This is a bit mysterious". And said he would refer me for a colonoscopy.

Work told me to take the day off. I went to bed.

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