Wednesday, 5 August 2015


We arrived at Calvary hospital for 7.30 am. There was a bit more paperwork to do when we got there. I forget why, but for some reason I thought I'd be one of the last people to be operated on, and be in for a wait.

I was first. Which was good really. I'm terrified of hospitals and needles and a lot that goes with it, but I was keen to get it done. To get this tumor out of me.

I got changed into a gown and got on the bed and they wheeled me away from my husband.
Some waiting in another room and questions and discussions. Everyone was really nice.
Then into the operating room. Needles, tears, the nurse held my hand and talked to me. I don't exactly remember falling asleep. 

I remember waking up - I could hear voices, one of them was Dave's. It was good to have him there when I woke up.
I was already in my own private room, not that I gave it a lot of thought to that then. I had one of those tubes that put oxygen up your nose. I had a cannula in my left hand. I had one of those oxygen reading finger clips on my right hand and blood pressure cuff on my right arm. On each leg was a thing like a giant version of the blood pressure cuffs, puffing up and deflating to no pattern that I could tell. That's to help with circulation. And I had a catheter in. Things attached to me were beeping.
Dave fed me water by dripping it into my mouth with a straw. But the pain killers we doing their job. I even had a little button which allowed me to give myself a dose of painkiller. I mostly slept the rest of the day.

I had one large wound where they took out my sigmoid colon and the tumor, and 3 small 'key hole' ones - one of which was in my belly button which I find kind of weird and yucky!

The surgery had gone to plan, the sigmoid colon with the tumor had been removed via keyhole and no bag required, so although I was hooked up to a big bunch of tubes, I'm lucky it wasn't more.

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